My dream honeymoon destination came true - World's most exotic location ft the Fiji Islands

Utsav had asked me before marriage "Where to? "

Me, without a second of introspection, " Fiji Islands "!!

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, at a distance of 11,607 kms from India.

Utsav had a blank stare on face cause he was sure that I would mention Europe.His first preference was New Zealand though.I do not take the credit for Fiji.Long back,during school,one of my dear friends had mentioned about this place to me and how she would spend her honeymoon there.So, her fancy stayed with me throughout and I too wished to go to Fiji & so I did.

All our honeymoon travel itineraries, routes, hotels, tickets,food everything was managed and planned by my husband courtesy tripadvisor & destination travels. I only took part by certifying the location & giving a quick nod on the travel list.I love to travel but I suck at all these travel plans. So, after much wedding humdrum, we took our almost 24 hours flight from Delhi to Singapore to Australia to reach the mystique Fiji Islands. 

(Note of concern : My only idea about Fiji was a Bollywood song called "Mann Mera" from Table 21).
As we landed on a small Fiji airways flight on a beautiful lush green tiny airport at Fiji,the local musicians started to play their ukeleles and welcomed all the tourists with their amazing version of 'Hotel California'.

Welcoming us at Fiji Islands

After getting our passport stamps and on arrival visa, we were driven to this huge hotel "Outrigger On the Lagoon Fiji Beach Resort". We were welcomed with our glasses of champagne, some snacks and a sweet token from the hotel management.

Welcome drinks & snacks

Our stay at this resort was for three days and we relaxed to bits - pampered ourselves with sauna,spa,leisure swims,long drives on self driven Accord,luxurious room,wide variety of cuisine and of course the beach with its crystal clear blue waters and clean white sand.

Outrigger Lagoon By the Bay

From Outrigger, we had travelled one day to Robinson Crusoe Island to spend a day with the locals enjoying local games, dance, local cuisine & water activities like snorkelling, kayaking, diving and so on.

Robinson Crusoe Island

From the land, then we decided to leave for one of Fiji's Island called "Castaway" and spend the remaining 4 days there. It would be perfect place to spend your honeymoon.The island consists of just one hotel and not more than 100 people, at a time.The serene atmosphere, the soothing wind and the tranquil ocean surrounding Castaway, our minds blew to a complete bliss.We took our cruise from Port Denarau and it was a 2 hours ride to our island. We spend those times together just roaming around the island, hogging delicious gourmet, swimming on the cleanest waters, just staring at the unrealistic beauty surrounding us with our naked souls and bodies and no one to watch or judge you.It was literally an imaginary world, just like the place you visit only in dreams!

Port Denarau

Castaway Island

The hotel organised a special dinner,specially for us, on the last night of our stay at this surreal place, where we were treated with mouth-watering cuisine, champagne & a special Fiji band to entertain us.

Our honeymoon evening hostel by Castaway

But just like your magic spell breaks one day, so did our Fiji trip. With a broken heart, we took our flight back from Fiji, stayed in Melbourne for a night & then flew back to Delhi.

Now some tips for people who want to decide their trip to Fiji Islands for honey moon or any special occasion:

1. Be assured it will cost a lot. So prepare your budget at least six months before to not burn a hole in your pockets.Start saving!
2. Look up the internet and decide your accommodation according to your budget(very important).
3. It's a tropical climate throughout the year, so carry all your bikinis, short skirts, hot pants, swim suits, sunscreen and glasses for sure.
4. The flight journey is LOOOOOOOONG!
5. There is not much to shop here, so spend more on sightseeing & sea activities.

Rest assured, you will thank me later, for helping you plan your honeymoon in such an exotic location. It was amazing revisiting my honeymoon travel diaries while writing this blog post.

Bula Fiji !!
The sweet welcome note from the hotel Outrigger

You can watch my Anniversary vlog here - a trip to Manali & Solang Valley, we went in March 2017.


  1. Awesome Anwesha.... Very helpful for a banjara family like mine

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    1. haan re...somoy pelei office theke eshe ektu porashona korchi about blog designing :)

  3. i also want to go a long vacation

  4. The place looks so amazing.. n u n jiju r sooo adorable..

  5. With so many possible locations, it is best to match your idea of a great holiday with what your destination can offer, in order for a great honeymoon that will last a lifetime! Fiji loves honeymooners which prompted a travel magazine to call Fiji "Honeymoon Heaven." goafamilypackages


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