Beauty Subscription Box ft. Lady Raga

Lady Raga March 2017 Box unboxing

So, I received my first subscription box, the Lady Raga  March 2017 box, celebrating the Women's Month.
Lady Raga is a monthly beauty subscription box which sends you high-end beauty products, skin care, hair care products, fashion accessories and also a surprise gift along with. It costs 666 Rs with an ensemble of more costly products.

As a beginner to subscription boxes, I clearly did not know what to expect.But then arrived a small cardboard parcel with a really funky yellow coloured pouch with a mix of quirky blue colour and loaded with 5 products, all nicely packed and bubble wrapped.

The products I received in my bag are as follows:
- a small card with all product details and price.
- Vertigo Parfums shower gel worth 1099
- MUA makeup academy blusher worth 240
- Neesh EAU De Parfum Worth 340
- Majestic Ear rings worth 499
- A surprise gift ( I received a red coloured bath sponge for body cleansing)
- A discount coupon from Lady Raga

If we add up the total of all these individual products, then the bag should cost way over 1500 INR. But you get all these products just for Rs.666. Personally, I loved the ear rings, the shower gel and the bag itself. They even have subscriptions for 3 months & six months where the cost reduces more. 
The products are selected by experts every month and definitely they do not bore you.

I urge you to go grab your lady raga now. 

Watch my lady raga bag unboxing here now :


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