Gurgaon's first Army themed cafe & bar ft "Bunker"

Hi friends,
So we again got to try a new but unique cafe in Cross Point Mall (second floor), DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon - Bunker.
This is Gurgaon's first army themed cafe and the owner was inspired by his father (an army man) to open a cafe on this theme.

The entire decor of the cafe is inspired by the battlefield, the army cantonment and even the colour coordination reflects the army dress code. They have a plethora of food options (multi cuisine) and some really extraordinary cocktails, all have army themed nomenclature.We had a sumptuous lunch at a very reasonable cost.

Cocktails - Fauji Tharra, Salute, RDX Margarita, Lieutenant's punch with crispy potato fries (complimentary).

Fauji Tharra is a potent drink mixed with vodka, gin,tequila, bacardi, sambuca and blue curacao which is a perfect strong drink for summers. Salute is a refreshing mix of vodka, whisky, red wine, pineapple and litchi juice. Girls can dive into this drink. Both of them were huge jars of cocktail (approx 600 ml each).
RDX Margarita is a mixture of triple tequila, triple neo & their special RDX masala mix.Lieutenant's punch is a mixture of old monk, lemon juice and orange juice.I would definitely rate all of the cocktail 10 on 10 as for their quality and quantity. We tried out these Bunker Signature Cocktails and you cannot miss this.
Also, a great add on for food lovers, along with these amazing drinks, you get complimentary crispy potato fries stirred in tangy masala.

Bunker Signature COCKTAILS - Fauji Tharra & Salute

Bunker Signature COCKTAILS - Lieutenant's Punch & RDX Margarita

Complimentary Crispy Masala Fries.. goes good with the cocktails

Starters - Along with our drinks, we ordered 2 non veg and 2 veg starters. For vegetarian lovers, you need to try the cheese torpedo and corn kebab. For non veg lovers, chicken strips grilled and minty lamb bites were indeed spicy, juicy delicacies which was served with their respective sauces to add on the flavour of the well cooked meat.

STARTER - Chicken Strips grilled

STARTER - Corn Kebab (Veg)

STARTER - Cheese Torpedo (Veg)

STARTER - Minty Lamb Bites

Main course - Drone pizza (smoked chicken) which was a light weight crispy pizza with nicely smoked chicken and veggies in shape of a drone.
Sword of honour burger (non veg) is green coloured bun burger with layer of chicken breast, lamb patty, cheese and lettuce. It is so huge that it can be consumed by 2 people. Definitely a MUST try here.

Smoked Chicken Drone Pizza

Sword of Honour Burger (Non veg)

Dessert - Battle tank is a huge jar of dessert filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, choclate chips, orea, caramel syrup and candies. Me and Utsav literally struggled to gulp this one down. It was undoubtedly the best looking dessert I have ever tasted.

DESSERT - Battletank

Final Verdict : Bunker is a must visit cafe for all of you for its amazing quality & quantity of food.The price is reasonable, location is prime and the hospitality of the restaurant manager and staff was extremely warm and cordial.

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  1. Sounds Interesting Place with unique army themed nomenclature . Nice pics n Nice Blog .

  2. Fauji Tharra and battletank my favourite

  3. Fauji Tharra, kitna unique sa naam hau na 😁😁
    Mujhy to wahan ka concept aur interior dono pasand aay ☺
    Khana bhi acchA dikh raha hai


  4. Thanks for sharing nice information about gurgaon. search jobs near by you in gurgaon.


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